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h @all

i have coded a simply crackme

your job is find a valid serial and make a video-tutorial

for learning dbg dll.




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thx for the bug report

can your post a tutorial to find a valid serial with ollydbg for learning please?

best greets


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sorry i have found a little bug in my exe new version is uploaded

my problem is solved

here is my source include is serialme and keygen source

and a flash-tut




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sorry i have found a little bug in my exe new version is uploaded

my problem is solved

here is my source include is serialme and keygen source

and a flash-tut




Nice serialme...easy for learn and for beginner, i dunno bout write keygen but this i try to make a Selfkeygen. try it and work for me :D

Download :


wait another your serialme for beginner :D

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Username: Departure

Serial: 88D77797-9AE321EF-7BFF2827-2237E3EF


Open serialme.exe with olly and click play, input username and any fake serial, click Check you will get a message about invalid infomation. Press Okay

Now pause Ollydebug and press and hold Ctrl key while pressing F9, Olly will say "Back To user" now click "Check" again on serialme, once again you will

a message about invalid infomation but this time when you press Okay olly will break, Scroll up a little and (righ click--> analyze code) only If needed other wise its in plain view

also scroll up on stack to see it it again, or simply place a break point after kernel32.lstrcmpA, doing this should'nt be required but just incase you dont see the serial on the first break.

100041ED E8 50000000 CALL <JMP.&kernel32.lstrcmpA> <--- have a look above this to see your serial

100041F2 0BC0 OR EAX,EAX <---- break point here if needed

P.s there is a bug in serialme which wont allow full serial to be inputted :( I was 1 charactor short to test this serial, but im sure its the correct one.

also keygenning is way above my skills but it seems there is hard coded serial "7797-9AE321EF-7BFF2827-2237E3E" which the username is inserted into the beginning

so it becomes "Departure21EF-7BFF2827-2237E3E" then it does some things to convert the lengh of username to correct serial.

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seems to be a bug, generated serial is 35 characters but max 33 characters can be entered.



Load it in Olly so F9 , Go to View--> Executable modules --> Select Prog.dll (Follow entry ) ... //

or with Command Line Plugin set BP at lstrcmp


Good Job

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awsome thanks

pretty funny to see the serial staring you in the face when you do a simple text reference

had fun doing anyway. feels good to get one right once in a while

thanks for posting


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:D ** Name: kochav

serial : A5E1DBCE-B7D58DB6-A9F44EC4-EF88F2BA

Name: funky

serial: EDCF3721-FFFB6159-A9F50DCF-C9B14370

run SerialMe.exe in olldbg , enter Name and any Serial you want, click CHECK. after you get the message "Invalid information, Please try again." click OK , return to ollydbg press PAUSE and then Ctrl + F9 to move to user mode.

Choose from menu View ==> Executable Modoules ==> Double click on the Prog.dll .

now scroll down on the CPU main window untill you see in the right side ASCII "EDCF3721-FFFB6159-A9F50DCF-C9B14370"

This is the Serial if you entered Name "funky".

Good luck !!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thnx For Serials M3

Phishing S3rialS

User ------> Mr.Ghost

Serial -----> E3049FAE-F130C9D6-E304B751-70B017E1 B)

Thnx For S3rial-M3 & :hug: My Master & Ma Bro >> LCF-AT << & All Tuts MEM.

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Thanks for the serialme...damn I need these I am a complete noob learning slowly... ;)



Alternatively open prog.dll in Hiew goto Address 100041F4 patch jne with je and save.

reopen serial.exe enter any name and any serial you like... ;) don't know if patching is allowed but hey initiative... ;)

Thanks Ragdog.

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