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How to play .xm/.wav/.mp3 files in keygen from VB express edition 2005

The SoX

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Include any sound .xm,.wav or .mp3 in your resource and read it at runtime into memory to play it.

By including System.Runtime.InteropServices into ur project you can play as foll .

1)XM files - use ufmod.dll or bassmod.dll

2).wav - its very easy. use the inbuilt winmm.dll into ur project.

3).mp3 - well i wonder why would u want to use mp3 in keygen? but, i find this method easy, include the windows media player as object into your form.check out its class to knw the function to play,stop music

4).Excuse me? play .gif, i assume you want to display an animated gif? You can use the PictureBox to display the image.

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