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Random number in TASM


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I checked out the forum for any random number code in asm and the only thing I found was too complicate plus it was in MASM.

My question is, is there any way I can generate a random number in the range of 1 - 100 or something like that?

Thanks for reading ^ ^

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Like MOID recently mentioned.. check out advapi's crypt functions.

I also switched from masm32's random function to advapi:

	include				advapi32.inc
includelib advapi32.lib.const
CRYPT_VERIFYCONTEXT equ 0F0000000h.data?
hProv dd ?
ddRandom dd ?.code
invoke CryptGenRandom,hProv,sizeof DWORD,addr ddRandom
invoke CryptReleaseContext,hProv,NULL

I never used tasm, but that should be doable :?

In case you need random bytes in a defined range, I wrote and used following function:

GetRandomByte proc prov:DWORD,min:BYTE,max:BYTE
LOCAL output:BYTE .repeat
invoke CryptGenRandom,prov,1,addr output
mov al,output
.until al >= min && al <= max ret
GetRandomByte endp

.. so you could use it like:

invoke GetRandomByte,hProv,'A','Z'
; al = random byte 'A'...'Z'
invoke CryptReleaseContext,hProv,NULL
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The only reason I am using tasm is because we are using it in school and that what we are being taught..

Thanks for the fast replies but is there any way to generate a random number without any includes?

If not..is there any way to make something like a loop from 1 to 100 and make the computer choose when to stop the loop? I mean is there and range of numbers that I can get in ASM and it is not static range?

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Well..checked it, again in tasm there isn't something like GetTickCount..so thats a problem =\

I thought its too difficult to make a random number with tasm so I got an idea..tell me if it is possible.

I will write to the user "Computer is choosing number, press any key to stop" and meanwhile I will make a loop from 1 to 100 that goes on and on again and again until any key is pressed..

something like this:

while (not any key pressed)


if (a==100)




I am going to try it..if I success I will post it :P

Thanks for helping ^ ^

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I have to do it in 16 bit..

I looked at your links and those source codes and I have to say..I didn't understand anything from it.

Thats why I am trying to do what I said but the problem is..how can I wait for any key to be pressed and run a loop..I know how to do each of them alone, but together? this is what I did so far..

mov ah, 01h
int 21h
ret RandomNum:
mov al, 1
cmp al, 100
je put_1_in_al
inc al
jmp again
mov al, 1
jmp again

I have no clue how to mix them..anyone help?

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Hi, I have some old code that may be of use to you Revos.



push di

les di, [timer]

mov eax, [es:di] ; get timer tick count

mov [seed], eax ; and use to seed our random gen

push cs

pop es

pop di




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