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What's up with the new theme? I got little used to the black theme with the seek n destroy logo. I like the new theme although it doesn't have the seek n' destroy logo on top. B)

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ah.. ok.. tnx...

That's good, I can change the skin if I get bored with the look of the site (not the content, I like the forum here). Sad to say there's only 3...hehe

Thanks for the info anyway..

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Teddy Rogers
Sad to say there's only 3...hehe

Unfortunately having to many skins can create issues when the board get updated. Every once in a while IPS make some skin changes which in turn effect all other non-default skins. Usually it is only minor changes other times it can be quite drastic. When it becomes drastic you have to rely on the original skin developer(s) to update their skins. Often this does not happen leaving you with a buggy skin.

However if someone finds a particular board skin they like I am quite willing to have a look and maybe add it to the board - but I'm not making any promises...


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