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[unpackme] Armadillo Latest Version


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Unpack Me this is atough Target of Armadillo



Edited by Teddy Rogers
Corrected topic title and attached the unpackme to the topic...
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Teddy Rogers

Is there something wrong with the rules which, are quite clearly marked at the top of the forum, that you can't follow?

Maybe nice to let everyone know what version of Armadillo this is packed with and what protection features were used...


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Armadillo v5.02 (or higher) detected

!- Protected Armadillo

Protection system (Basic)

!- <Protection Options>



Enable Import Table Elimination

Enable Memory-Patching Protections

!- <Backup Key Options>

Fixed Backup Keys

!- <Compression Options>

Better/Slower Compression

!- <Other Options>

Store Environment Vars Externally

Allow Only One Copy

Disable Monitoring Thread

?- Signature 466F3380 13-06-2007

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Very nice clock.

Unpacked using Armageddon v1.3 [not yet released]

total unpack and rebuild time approx 15 seconds.


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