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Diagnosis v0.1 - Comments, Improovements


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Diagnosis v0.1 first release. I will continue to evolute this tool if get some feedback from you guys. Need to know what could be better or what could be added to version 0.2. Now this tool actually compares 2 files (original/patched), with the same size and tells ya what offsets are patched. The original and the patched bytes also.

Download here:




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Yes, your correct, on some computers it works, on others it doesn't due to that litle problem. Iwill fix that as soon as possible. Thanks for your feedback! Ufo.

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Atomos made a loader to make this work, seems ok in some other pc's, thanks for saving my litle time Atomos!

Some important notes for this v0.1 version:

Will crash if the files you selected are not found (will fix this bug for version v0.2)

Any more comments or suggestions will be usefull for me.


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- Use a vector to handle the patched bytes, don't limit it to 5 sets like it is. (Push onto the stack as you scan, then display the full vector later.)

- Display things in hex.

- Allow user to drag and drop files into the boxes for the files needed.

- Allow user to browse for files.

Along with that, I would suggest allowing the user to override the file size check since some patches require code to be removed or added which can change the file size and cause this to not be useful.

All in all, good job for a beta :)

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Okay guys thank you for your big help. v0.2 will be around soon.

Allways, of course, with your amasing feedback I wouldn't get in other comunities.

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fc /B file1 file2

No need to reinvent the wheel which has been included with Windows since '95.

Kinda not the best of things to say in my opinion. If we didn't reinvent the wheel to make it better over time, we'd still be riding around in stone cars. Computers wouldn't exist much past a simple dos prompt, etc. etc.

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