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ARTeam: Primer on Reversing Jailbroken iPhone Native Applications v1.0


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Hi everybody.

I just finished writing a new tutorial: "Primer on Reversing Jailbroken iPhone Native Applications"

This tutorial is another primer I decided to write (similarly to what I did for Symbian), following my early experiences in the iPhone/iPood Touch world. We are talking of the iPhone (and the little brother iPood Touch), the Apple telephone which doesn’t support Java, nor Flash, cannot be used like a modem, do not fully support Bluetooth, do not allow to install third party applications (officially at least), which cost is very high and that you can only be used with those telecom carriers chosen by Apple just with EDGE network.

Once unlocked (using techniques I will not explain in much details) a new world opens up: a lot of native programs (not web) are awaiting your patches and customizations. It’s a completely different world for those of you already accustomed to the Win32 environment, but also has some differences for those already reversing in the Mac world. The OS is an OSX, build up from FreeBSD, but it isn\'t the MAC OSX and the processor is an ARM, then RISC assembler not easy to handle at all (like for Symbian phones). At the moment all the existing native applications are built using the unofficial SDK (but the official SDK is announced soon) and are most of the times, but not always, completely free. The programming technologies are anyway the same already used for MAC: COCOA/Darwin and underneath objective-C.

You can find it here:


Have phun,


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