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[fish Me # Serial Fishing #1]


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hi all people in this here ;)

i written a Serial Fishing for all cracking boards for testing :lol:

Level : Hard

Attached to this topic

just find a valid serial , you not allow crack it :unsure:

if you found a valid serial , plz send it to my mail address : giotin_underseh@yahoo.com

Regards , GioTiN


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Yikes pcode. ;)

Those variants make me dizzy..Olly is not much help.. Ah well unpacked it and decompiled it... Now I need to learn what all those p-code opcodes mean... But something tells me you're adding something with the assci value of something a lot.. ;)

NIce one,


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1. Unpack/ fix imports / do whatever you gotta do.... :blink:

2. Feed the fat VB p-coded executable into VB Decompiler.

You should get something like this...

Private Sub Command1_Click()
var_8C = Text1.Text
If (var_8C = "") Then
MsgBox("Enter a Serial Number", &H30, "", var_EC, var_10C)
GoTo loc_4041D4
End If
SerialNumber= CVar(Text1.Text) 'String
If (SerialNumber= (((((((((((((Chr(&H55) + Chr(&H37)) + Chr(&H6C)) + Chr(&H14)) + Chr(&H10)) + Chr(&HC5)) + Chr(&H37)) + Chr(&H6C)) + Chr(&H14)) + Chr(&H10)) + Chr(&HFF)) + Chr(&HD0)) + Chr(&H20)) + Chr(&H23))) Then MsgBox(CVar("Welcome to Under SEH Team" & vbCrLf & "Send your Answer to under.seh.t3am.persian@gmail.com" & vbCrLf & "" & vbCrLf & "Coded By GioTiN"), &H40, "", "", "")
GoTo loc_4041D4
End If
MsgBox("Serial Is incorrect", &H10, "", "", "")
loc_4041D4: Exit Sub
End Sub

3. Grab Dustyh1981’s tool "ASCII converter" from here (Nice work btw, Dystyh!) :thumbsup: :


4. Put the sequence 55376C1410C5376C1410FFD02023 into the “Hex field”, and copy the output from the “Ascii” field.


5. Feed the string to the crack-me.


6. Yay, you have just defeated a level "hard" crack-me...


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will will see that nfo is ripped from tRUE tEAM!!

that is mean Under SEH Team are rippers !!

the tRUE tEAM NFO:


ripped by the noob


sorry 4 beeing out of topic!!!

Edited by Xspider
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@ Xspider

your team is very noob ;) and you not know about our team , we are not ripper and just our nfo file is very look like your nfo

We activity for a 1 years but your team activity in 4 month :) )

Regards , GioTiN

Edited by GioTiN
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and just our nfo file is very look like your nfo

Um, I think thats fairly blatent to be honest, and i don't see tRUE ripping from someone else.

GioTiN you claim to have had your team a year and yet 2 to 3 months ago you were PMing us asking for trial and doing the same at RES/ICU (where I believe you are still banned). You seem so desperate to get into the scene yet act like a kid whenever you get close.

SnD considers any ripping as serious, as do all our friends. This may be the final straw.

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How can you almost completely copy the whole NFO and claim it's not a rip lol

We don't want any rippers around here, not only that you have been spamming and insulting on this forum before, let alone your multiple accounts (of which one has already been banned).

That pretty much puts the lid on it, dont you think so :(

your team is very noob

oh noes, let's not get down to that level...

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