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Richedit Streams [delphi]


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I have a little problem, and that is sending richedit streams to another external richedit control, It seems that by sending streams it adds unseen unidentifyed charactors along with formatted code from the original richedit to the external richedit control, this results in problems in the external richedit control, because this richedit control is actually a Richedit20A box that send formatted chat text to a chat client, the client wont accept it because of unknowen charactors, I have tryed using trim function before sending the string into a stream and it makes no diffrence, So my question is ... Is there another way to send formatted text from a TRichEdit control to an external RichEdit20A control (chat client) without using streams or is there some way to fix the stream to not send unidentifyed charactors(invisable charactors that I can'nt see) or is there someting in the properties of the Delphi TRichEdit control that I must change to be compatiable with a RichEdit20A control?

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