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Virus In Tutorial Downloads


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This file contains a BACKDOOR virus, it is called Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.aua. It is located in the files folder. It appeared when I tried to open this folder. My virus program is called Comodo Antivirus and it is free. Screenshot available on request. This virus is in the "Reversing for Newbies 28" tutorial files folder. :o:( ( x)


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Tutorial 28 - the server checks program called program.exe? If so, ignore you antivirus, the file is fine.

Either that or don't use the file if you prefer.

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My virus program is called Comodo Antivirus and it is free.
Maybe that's why it is free :?

The target is packed with eXPressor, that's all.


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I`ve seen a number of false positives on archives i`ve downloaded from tuts4you and I`ve never yet had any kind of virus issue. Invariably the cheapo/freebie AV packages pick up on the packer/protection type as a quick and easy way of trying to detect something suspicious, instead of actually analysing the file itself.

However as was sugegsted earlier, for peace of mind don`t use it if it makes you feel better.

BTW really decent packages like F-Prot and kaspersky are available exceptionally cheaply these days (no more than a few dollars per machine per year if you`re protecting more than one box). You could do worse than invest in something like this as opposed to buying that next round of beer (or whatever!) :)

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thts the reason i dont have AV installed on my system for years now because its more annoying than helping

If you only download from trusted sites and use your common sense while browsing the net there is a very slim chance you will get a virus

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Those topics are indeed annoying.

Maybe we should add a readme in tutorials that ensures that "our" files are 100% clean.

Or suggest people to do like GEEK and many others. I personally start my AV only once a week, update my database and perform a full system scan and then decide which files (if some are found) I delete.


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It would be good to know the name of the file lol

My virus checker (Comodo) just says it is called "program.exe". And, my prog. gets it before the file can be executed????

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