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[keygenme] Keygenme.9.dependence


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Hello again everyone. This time it might be my final keygenme :rolleyes: depends on real life issues

you can download it here :


i have a few things to say:

this keygenme involves math crypto :P . good for intermediate crackers and starters of course :P

This keygenme is dedicated to SerialKiller a good mentor and a good friend.

Mynes i have to say thanks again for skinning this junk ;)

HMX0101 for reporting bugs and testing.

I hope you like this one :) . Enjoy.

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Opps i seem to have forgotten to mention rules lol. Please avoild patching. Keygen is only valid solution :) . This is a good keygenme in my opinion for newbies who are starting or want to advance a bit in crypto. Thanks for your time.

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Nice one, delphi with FGint RSA :D .

:) not exactly. surely Kanal should say somemore about this or maybe you should be able to figure out the scheme used ;) .

some research will be required unless you are ofcourse familiar with it :P

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Just a little time-booster for anyone working on this...

At one point or another, you 'll find this screenshot useful...


And last, but not least, here's the unwrapped keygenme...



1) What's the protector?

2) If i spoil the fun, i'll remove the information. :P

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Hi HVC :) . Thanks for trying this keygenme. the protector used is a self modified version of y0das protector ;) . its easy i know lol. and there is no problems with keeping that information up although it sort of removes the fun for other people huh. but if anyone wants to take the short route out feel free to do so.. I hope you liked the keygenme bro :) .

note : the weird thing is that : it took me 45 odd minutes to solve with that website. hehe.

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note : the weird thing is that : it took me 45 odd minutes to solve with that website. hehe.

Hehe, the processor on the PC i'm working with is kinda "old-school"... :wheelchair:

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Montgomery ElGamal? :huh:

Ps: my machine factorized it in ~1h & 20min and i have an Intel Core2Duo E6420 :wacko:

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