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Basic Memoryloader [delphi]


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Its nice to see since I posted some source codes people find it useful, I have held of with posting source codes because I did'nt feel My skills was upto the standards of this forum, I have learnt a lot from this forum in the past 2 years So I want to give back what I have learnt as a thank you to the Snd community.

This is basic memoryloader, it works by creating a process of an app and loaded into memory with the suspended flag, it then write bytes to given address, these bytes and address's are declared in the consts section So it makes it easyer if you need to update these address and bytes. After writing the bytes it will resume the thread with the newly written bytes. This loader example is for an actual program, but in its source code form so its a good example to learn from :)

Its use's a custom registry module(minireg) that you might find useful for your registry work, in this example it uses this to find the apps path to create the process. I have comment out some of the patches because they will not work with given name of app, Its just an example how one could write a complete in-line patch through memory loader


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I have held of with posting source codes because I did'nt feel My skills was upto the standards of this forum,

There is always someone who can learn from your sources mate :)

Everyone starts from the beginning so there's always someone who will appreciate reading through your work (even if they dont bother posting a reply to say so).

If someone criticises (non constructively) then you can rightly tell them to go to hell.


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I love source codes. I check every day this site for RE news and for new tools. But shared source codes makes me love this site even more. Thank you very much for the great share. :-)

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very nice source code my friend, from the quick scan it looks pretty impressive i must say. keep up the good work and hope to see future release from you :D +1

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I have been thinking of trying out delphi, so these sources will come in handy and give me syntax help, so thank you.

Have a look at my article (number 8) from the ARTeam eZine #2.

Also a while ago, somebody (sorry for not remebering the name) asked me to make a sniffer for a packed app. Full pack here.


Nice job man. Keep up the good work.

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