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I've an Idea for better performance in programming and Reversing( :D ).

You must teaching the Tips of true writing the code for protecting first and teaching the reverse this method by multiple way next to teaching better programming and Reversing( :unsure: ).

It's simple and fine works for teaching to protecting and reversing code by engineers for newbies( :wacko: )

If Anyone accept my Idea please write a method and how to reverse it in a reply for me and other users( :wub: ).

Advance Thanks,


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'Uncentred' the text
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dont you have more stupid ideas?

we dont teach how to protect againt reversing due we dont get any money for it.

those who invent protections get it. so let them invent it, we will crack it for sure.

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I think you have it backwards. You should learn about reversing first and then you would see it is usless........There is nowhere to run.. nowhere to hide because no matter how smart you think you are there is always someone else smarter. If it can be built it can be unbuilt, I think all soft authors can realisticly hope for is to slow down the process.

On a programming note, I am not a programmer by no means. I can write a few little odds and ends but nothing extravagant and the majority of what I have learned came from reversing. Besides do you really think soft authors are going to share there methods of protection on a RCE board??? :dunno:


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All the big Ideas are stupid Ideas( :wub: )

Thanks for your Answer Dustyh1981

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Creating protections and then reversing them is not too productive. Better study existing protections and tricks and when you will want to make some protection, you will have ton of ideas.

But there are certainly places, where coding and then reversing is a good strategy. When i wanted to learn cracking Visual Basic programs, i coded many simple apps, studied them, until i fully understood how it works and what is used for what, etc. and it helped me much. It can be usefull, of you want to better understand code from compiler XY or from language XY. But not with antidebug tricks, packers etc.

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hi there,

thanks for your response rendari.

you are very nice.

please give me a link about JIT Hooks.

Thanks Advance

Bad Logged CRC

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sheesh, go do some research.. and stop expecting / asking to be spoon fed.. you learn nothing that way..

do research, do some hard work, and then you can take pleasure when you crack the target....

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