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[unpackme] Hexalock Dvd Copy Protection System 2.3

Teddy Rogers

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This is very hard when you cant get it to run regularly. It seems to be missing to keyfiles, well atleast through bping ZwCreateFile. Bp

on CreateFileA gets caught. It searches for softice multiple times, trw, and syser. Then PROTECT.KEY which fails, then VOB_***.KEY which also fails then show the message cannot find original cd.

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Same here.. neither start normally... It would be quite hard if it doesn't run fully. I would love to give this a try..


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hi im again so it can be unpacked hire is little help from me



im my tut and a3.exe app

some bp 02039e72 ,0203a9db ,0203d0a9

0203d197 je i change to jmp

02040a89 je in jmp

02040b5 jg in nop

and app was startet so it can be unpacked

hire is tut for studing and the files and iso

tut is only for start info but not too good , i make it after i started the app

it works it can be unpacked ;)


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Key file is needed, they were cheating lol. Nice job being persistent mkdev, and making new unpackme.

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