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[keygenme] Keygenme #1


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Ok, i have made some simple protection(licensing) scheme.


  • No Self KeyGen
  • No patching

If keygen'ing is too hard, them you can try to get atleast one valid key :)

P.S. This KeyGenMe may be hard!


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May be it has too many arithmetic :bounce:

BASE64 table :: 00071D40 :: 00472940

BASE64 table :: 0007ABF0 :: 0047C1F0

BLOWFISH [sbox] :: 0007592C :: 00476F2C

List of primes [long] :: 00078BB0 :: 0047A1B0

LockBox DecryptRsaEx :: 0006C9CC :: 0046D5CC

LockBox EncryptRsaEx :: 0006C8EC :: 0046D4EC

LockBox RsaEncryptFile :: 0006CAB4 :: 0046D6B4

LockBox TlbRsaKey :: 0006CD78 :: 0046D978

MD5 :: 00058E70 :: 00459A70

PI fraction (NIMBUS / BLOWFISH) :: 000758E4 :: 00476EE4

RIJNDAEL [char] :: 0007692C :: 00477F2C

RIJNDAEL [s-inv] [char] :: 00076A2C :: 0047802C

{Big number} :: 00073674 :: 00474274

{Big number} :: 00073F9C :: 00474B9C

My god.... too many.... :dunno:

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That doesn't mean that everything of that is used. Wll, there is used a lot of listed and unlisted :)

Ok, i will post something easier.

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Does anybody were able to generate valid key?

Well, I'll try to make the keygen. I know this a bit complicated, I would like you to help me if I can not understand any section (For example: I do not know much about blowfish, I have not seen any guide to get his generator). I have noticed that here there are very good manuals on MD5, SHA, BASE64, ETC ... But not for all these:)


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