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[keygenme] Insanefido's Mp3 Player Keygenme


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This is my first attempt at a KeyGenMe app . I wrote an mp3 player app. purely for programming practice so do not expect state of the art graphics or playback. The app as presented is an 'unregistered' version which a correct serial will convert to the 'registered' state. Please note that the app. will not run directly but must be executed via a shortcut. When you solve it please write a tutorial as some parts of the solution may answer at least one question I have seen posted on the forum.

I wrote the whole thing in assembly language in Windows XP SP2, and it will not work on non NT based systems.

Happy reversing in whatever you are working on




Edited by Teddy Rogers
Corrected the topic title...
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Teddy Rogers

Lol! I want to pull my hair out with frustration... sigh... its been a difficult week enforcing the rules... anyway...

Insane, please read the rules at the top of the forum:

If you are to post a new CrackMe please include it as an attachment and in your topic title state the type of challenge it is, example:

[unpackme] Jenny Bloggs 5.1 Cryptermatic

[keygenme] Jenny Bloggs Cryptomatic

If you post a CrackMe and it turns out to be a commercial target you will be banned from this forum for crack requesting.

It clearly says about the topic title format, please in future can you use it. Thank you!


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Humble apologies Ted.

My eyes see, my brain plays tennis with the fairies.

Reprimand noted and compliance assured in future.



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