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[keygenme] Drpepur #3


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I got bored and wrote this........should be pretty easy.


1. No Patching

2. No Self-Keygens (Refer to rule #1)

3. No Fishing - Valid Name & Serial Not Valid Solution

4. Write A Tutorial If You Feel Like It

Valid Solution:

Write A Working Keygen

Code Snipits Are Not KeyGens...Nor Valid Solution

Have Fun ;)



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dushty... how to take care of SHA algo .... we cant write that by ourselves... so snippets have to be included juz for the sha algo

BTW... gr8 coding....

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Im not really sure what you are asking, but all I am saying is if someone codes a keygen, a binary would be nice. Feel free to include the source. This crackme is pretty easy.....I was just playing around when I wrote it. I am new at ASM and writing little stuff like this helps me learn.......

However I am really not sure if you are asking a question or making a statment....... :dunno:

Have a nice day...


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