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[unpackme] Pespin 1.32

Teddy Rogers

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Its DebugBlocker setup is very interesting. Its has its own nanomites, lea eax, eax. Its in compare jmps, 2 bytes, and when the exception occurs the parent process determines whether the jump would have been made, then sets the eip accordingly. I am not sure how to repair it yet, need to study it a little more. The rest is pretty easy, but the debugger blocker is a nuisance that must be killed.

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Well I got all the protections unpacked by themselves, even for some reason found the crc calculation and patched it -_- . As for doing all protection at once, I am going to say screw it, at least for a couple weeks, I want to see some straight forward code now. Maybe I will just sit and stare at some upx code, :lol:

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