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[keygenme] Crackme V3.0 - Gunner54


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Well, i decided to make this after being board...


- Fished Key = 0

- Self-KeyGen = 0

- KeyGen = 1000

CrackMe v3.0

- Simple Key Generation

- Simple Anti-Breakpoint (On One Function)

Im looking for a KeyGen, I will just ignore Patches and Fished Keys...


Edited by Teddy Rogers
Corrected the topic title - again!
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Teddy Rogers

TGunner54, there is a rule bar at the top of this forum that explains (I think quite clearly) about the topic title rule. It would be very nice if you could stick to it then you save me some minutes of my life not having to edit and correct your topics :lol:

Thank you...


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