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[keygenme] -hassh #2-


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here's level 2: KeygenMe__hASSh__2_.rar

Fishing/Selfkeygenning/loveing : 0 points

Ripping : 1 point

Recognizing&Owning : 1337 pointz

If you're after 0 or 1 point, it's easy like ****. Again nothing protected or hidden.

Just a naked row of instructions. But if you're after the full win, this one might be a small bitch.. dunno.

Have phun :happy:

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A selfkeygen (0 points.. cough) with one JNZ to JMP and some NOPs... ok.

But why this weird overlay :? :blink: Trying to hide what ? ^^

If your overlay saves it to C:\ packed with FSG, then you shouldn't at least forget to

delete it afterwards. Or maybe better save it to TEMP folder..

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Oh... lol i was seeing if you would notice if it was a keygen or Self-Keygen xD i packed it with FSG and used D1S1G to make it look like UPX :blush:

idk what D1S1G does.... i guess it extracts to C:\ then o.o?

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I hope this is worth atleast 1 point...... :P
Ofc :crazy:

But your code really made me wonder. For example you got some lstrcat in there and other

weird stuff.. nearly looked like obfuscation to me :?

The trick is to get a hasher which does them all. I got 2 hash functions in there.

The 2nd is CRC16 - PEiD might have told you. So I got 2 main hash calls.. each with

some parameters: ptrInput, ptrOutput and 1 or more init values.

Maybe it was mean not to use usual inits. So you would first need to look up, what

the inits might 'usually' be and try a call with such init. After that compare the output string

with the outputs of a hasher to recognize the type of hash...

I don't want to name the 1st hash, yet.. but for both calls I only changed 1 BIT in the inits :)

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I have no idea what the first hash is, I couldnt ever figure it out. I ripped the one out of the keygenme and used the lstrcat to set up the buffer.......Im sure it would have been easier if I could have figured out the first hash..........so I made the best of it.........oh well I tried....

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You're going to have to put me out of my misery on this one mate :)

Easily rippable of course, but I'm really not sure what that other hash is. :s

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UFO told me what the hash is.... for all those as confused as I was, it isnt some 'completely' obscure hash. It is however, not one of the more commmonly implemented one.

Good luck syk071c :)

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Besides hashing the algo is simple and easy to own.

Whats hashing conserned; it needs time to trace it and understand it; i just dont have time for it at the time being.

nice crackme, UFO!

BR, ChupaChu!

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