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[keygenme] -hassh #1-


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this one might be interesting, if you want to get familiar with hashes (like me).

So it's intentionally WITHOUT any tricks, packers, mods or **** - coded dead straight.

Fishing/Patching/Zonking out - 0 Points

Keygenning - 1337 Points

Good luck: KeygenMe__hASSh__1_.rar

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Holy f*** you really did want to try a few hashes out! :)

If I get a few moments this afternoon I'll have a look at it :)

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Yup...need to make a few alterations but got most of them :)

Have to check out the HAVAL256/5 detection though as it missed that completely :s

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Hum, a lil bit too easy!...

Name: Ox87k
Serial: 0beb02911)
SHA-512 (name->sha512)
WHIRLPOOL (sha512->whirlpool)
RIPEMD-320 (whirlpool->ripemd320)
HAVAL-256 5 rounds (ripemd320->haval256)
TIGER (haval256->tiger)
MD4 (tiger->md4)
CRC-32b (md4->crc32b)
ADLER32 (crc32b->adler :: adler=SERIAL)


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That was the point though - nice starter for people not dealing with encryption before. I'll code a keygen in a sec coz should only take a few mins :)

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Yep, Loki.. works ofc.

As this is only kinda hello-world-app with hash..hash..hash...

I think the only mission is to recognize the types of hashes.. nothing more.

Then you're actually done with it. Not meant as advertisement, but the only tool I 'found',

which produces all of these hashes is SND Reverser tool :whistling:

Ok, there's a second task - to get and use some hash sources. :happy:

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