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Armadillo Crc Patcher Masm Source


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This was a little project I was working on, mainly to get an idea on using a debugger. I am releasing because ,well, I am done working on it and the code is a little messy. Makes you want to look at the code doesnt it? :biggrin: Anyway should work on a lot of targets including armadillo itself and unpackmes from this site, and a few other tests.

The method I used for patching was OutputDebugStringA hook, a lot less code that way, and to call the hook I intercepted the first call. All the code is placed in the ep section right when the code goes to 00s, works on all protections.

The exe is not included which makes you compile it yourself, it is a Radasm project so all you need is Radasm then click build. I made a couple of note to try and make understanding the code easier, not a lot.

edit: Check below for newer source.

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This was a little project I was working on, mainly to get an idea on using a debugger.

I love how you keep churning out great stuff (and sharing sources) yet you are still humble about what you're achieving. This is great stuff.... keep it coming!


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There's a button below the forum header, it says Blogs (right next to Gallery, Shoutbox etc.) :)

Anyway, it seems like he deleted all entries :(

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Oh yeah, I forgot that I had redirected this to my blog. I was deleting all my blogs to clean it up, all of them were from like the first week this site had blogs, old polls and stuff. I also assumed I wouldnt get distracted on building the newer version and I would put it back up in my blog soon, but I did. Newer version actually has a length disassmbler engine for better reliability, but is not even in the same language, but it will have support for other protectors but I stopped when adding EC, but after Aspr, got a little ****ed at dealing with EC (whom actually change things from version to version). I will go see if I can find the older source, then repost, sorry for the confusion.

edit: Here is the newest yet old source + compiled, I actually had to strip some stuff out of it before reuploading, used it for test adding chiptunes, lol.

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