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3 State Buttons Without Subcalssing


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Guys i started this thread to view the variety of coding styles used by different coders...

I know how to create a 3 state button via subclassing the button window but i started this tread so that every coder can contribute their code snippets on how to skin buttons.

e.g i make a 2 state button by setting the buttons property to be BS_OWNERDRAW and also creating the respective brushes

and then processing it in WM_DRAWITEM message.

Main proc hwnd:DWORD, umsg:DWORD, wparam:DWORD, lparam:DWORD	.if umsg==WM_INITDIALOG
invoke LoadBitmap,hinst,ID_BMPBTNNORMAL
mov btnnormalbmp,eax
invoke CreatePatternBrush,btnnormalbmp
mov btnnormalbrush,eax invoke LoadBitmap,hinst,ID_BMPBTNPRESS
mov btnpressbmp,eax
invoke CreatePatternBrush,btnpressbmp
mov btnpressbrush,eax
invoke GetDlgItem,hwnd,IDC_CLOSEBTN
mov btn,eax
invoke GetWindowLong,btn,GWL_STYLE
invoke SetWindowLong,btn,GWL_STYLE,eax.elseif umsg==WM_DRAWITEM xor ecx,ecx
mov ecx,lParam assume ecx: ptr DRAWITEMSTRUCT .if [ecx].CtlID == IDC_CLOSEBTN
.if [ecx].itemState & ODS_SELECTED
invoke FillRect,[ecx].hdc,addr [ecx].rcItem,btnpressbrush
invoke FillRect,[ecx].hdc,addr [ecx].rcItem,btnnormalbrush
.elseif [ecx].CtlID==IDC_NAME || [ecx].CtlID==IDC_SERIAL
invoke GetDlgItemText,hwnd,[ecx].CtlID,addr tempbuffer,sizeof tempbuffer
.if eax>1
invoke DrawText,[ecx].hdc,offset tempbuffer,sizeof tempbuffer,addr [ecx].rcItem,DT_EDITCONTROL
assume ecx:nothing .endif
xor eax,eax

I hope this thread will be helpful to the guys need to learn Button Skinning as well as some concepts about brushes and skinning another controls the same way as well.



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Thanks alot to raqdod and Diabolo2002 for you kind and quality based example.

I learnt new tricks from them.

Thanks Again :D



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