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[keygenme] Drpepur #2


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I wrote this just trying to learn a little about ASM so if my code is sloppy keep in mind I have been programming in ASM a total of a couple weeks at most.. So it shouldn't be too hard.

Happy Cracking....



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yup Im learnin slowly but surely

Just made a quick overview.

Thanks for this, I'll probably keygen it tomorrow.

I'm too tired atm.

Happy Valentine's by the way :D

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0040107F  |> /8A82 2F364000 /MOV AL,BYTE PTR DS:[EDX+40362F]
00401085 |. |34 4C |XOR AL,4C
00401087 |. |2C 05 |SUB AL,5
00401089 |. |02D8 |ADD BL,AL
0040108B |. |4A |DEC EDX
0040108C |. |83FA 00 |CMP EDX,0
0040108F |.^\75 EE \JNZ SHORT DrPepUr_.0040107F
00401091 |. 881D A0374000 MOV BYTE PTR DS:[4037A0],BL
00401097 |. 68 30364000 PUSH DrPepUr_.00403630 ; /String = ""
0040109C |. E8 25040000 CALL <JMP.&kernel32.lstrlenA> ; \lstrlenA
004010A1 |. 8BD0 MOV EDX,EAX
004010A3 |> 309A 2F364000 /XOR BYTE PTR DS:[EDX+40362F],BL
004010A9 |. 4A |DEC EDX
004010AA |. 83FA 00 |CMP EDX,0
004010AD |.^ 75 F4 \JNZ SHORT DrPepUr_.004010A3


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