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I am playing around a little with Masm @ Winasm trying to get the computername

I tried this


ComputerName db 255 dup(?)

lSize db 255 dup(?)


invoke GetComputerName,addr ComputerName,addr lSize

It compiles and runs but no return, what am I doing wrong?

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ComputerName db 255 dup(?)
lSize dd ?.code
invoke RtlZeroMemory, OFFSET ComputerName, SIZEOF ComputerName
mov lSize, SIZEOF ComputerName
invoke GetComputerName,addr ComputerName,addr lSize

A. iSize needs to be of DWORD size.

B. Before calling GetComputerName, iSize needs to hold the size of the buffer pointed by the 1st parameter of the GetComputerName API (in this case, the size of ComputerName buffer).

C. After calling GetComputerName, iSize holds the length of the Computer name.

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