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[keygenme] Keygenme.8.foff.by.encrypto


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hello all :)

nice to see you again :P

this time instead of modifying a pre-existing crypto i decided to make my own :)

i know its not the best but it was a first attempt :confused:

i hope you like this one :


please can you rate it and give feedback ?

thanks very much for trying this and i hope you enjoy it :cool:


Edited by Teddy Rogers
It would be nice if you could keep to the correct topic title format. Thanks :)
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"No ripping" ?

Interesting set of rules you got there for a "keygenme", matie...

Usually the rule applies to the outcome of a "keygenme"... ;)

Anyway, just a minor information for whoever downloads this:

The algorithm wrapped in the executable is an attempt towards a hash algorithm, not an encryption algorithm.

Edited by HVC
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i understand what you mean mate :)

but i think this is a pointless method where the coder just wont understand the ripped code fully :)

and im sorry for not explaining fully, yes i did mean it for a hashing algo instead of encryption :)

thanks for your comments mate

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