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[vb6 P-code Crackme/keygenme] Drpepur#1


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In what little time I have been messing around in RCE I have never came across a Vb target in P-Code. I never gave P-code much thought until on PSC I seen somebody had posted their code and labeled it "Uncrackable". So... I had to give it a try, I downloaded it and went to work but everything I had learned seemed not to apply. It didn't take long to see it was P-Code and for about 2 seconds I almost gave up. After an hour or so I thought I could write a little reg-routine and compile it in p-code so when I had it loaded in Olly and Vb-Decomp I would know what I was looking for. My effort was rewarded I learned enough to tear the "Uncrackable" a new one. So if you have never reversed anything in P-Code here ya go.

Like I said in the description you can patch it, fish it, or keygen it.

When the program is regged it should run reged everytime it starts and has a keyfile.

If you solve this I would love to hear about your approach, so if you don't mind take 2 extra minutes and tell me how you did it.




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I believe Registry Mechanic is compiled to P-Code now (going from memory here so may be wrong) if you fancy some more to play with :)

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The tuts out there are quite poor - The Old Pirate has always been the P-Code master. He was writing some tuts a few years ago but has been away a while until recently. :)

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I made a tutorial for this if anyone wants to take a look its in the Tutorial section

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