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[keygenme]keygenme1 By Qwertydid


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This is a simple KeygenMe that I put together in ASM.

It should'nt be too hard.

It says that you should solutions upload to crackmes.de, because I created it for that site in the first place, but you can just upload your solutions here.



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My version of keygen (into archive I included a keygen itself & full sources). Well done, qqwertydid. I like your keygenme. Do the next!

Sorry, the file don't attached... So I upload it at file-sharing service. If you want you can download it from HERE

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K i am pretty noob but i figured out this...

0040123A  |.  56			PUSH ESI								;  Add first part of serial
0040123B |. 57 PUSH EDI ; Add second part of serial
0040123C |. 52 PUSH EDX ; Add third part of serial
0040123D |. 51 PUSH ECX ; Add forth part of serial

still haven't figured out where the serial is made though.

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