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Asmmd5 Keygen Template Issue


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Hey all,

I wanted to use this template Arc Flash by Ufo-Pu55y but I needed an MD5 hashing algo. So I took the ASMmd5.asm from another template by dR.cARBOn. Without including the ASMmd5 code the Arc Flash template compiles and runs fine. Once I include this I get "instruction operands must be the same size" Errors in the Main Arc Flash file. The lines that are causing the issue look like:

	mov [edi],eax
mov edx,eax
mov edx,[edi]
@@: mov eax,[esi]

Now, obviously these are the same size and the ASMmd5 hash proc seems fairly straight forward. I know assembly but I'm not super familiar with masm and I'm using RadASM for the project since it had a .rap file (Thanks Ufo-Pu55y!! :biggrin: )

I have no idea what's causing this issue. Has anybody else seen it?


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I believe I found what was causing the issue. In the ASMmd5.asm file there is the following line:

			assume	esi:ptr MD5RESULT

So when the proc is done you can simply add

			assume	esi:nothing

I believe that will take care of this issue. (Haven't fully tested but it compiles now) :)

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			assume	esi:nothing
I think it's a good practice to always end(surround)

an opened assume instruction with a closing 'assume xxx:nothing' !

Prevents confusion sometimes...

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