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Arteam: Cracking & Unpacking Ecompxl Packer V1 For Symbian Part3


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Hi all,

argv is producing some very short but dense tutorials on symbian stuffs. The first two tutorials on eCompXL covered dumping a program from the phone and writing a dynamic loader (on phone) to apply the identified patches.

This third one covers how to identify the proper routine which generates the serials and use it for a keygen (sources included).

As the previous parts the victim is one of the most used LCG programs, Profimail: a really well protected application. It\'s packed using a greatly improved and modified version of the original eCompXL packer (which is opensource), it asks for an IMEI based registration number and finally checks online the serial number..plus more.

All these 3 parts are supposed to be read in sequence..


Have phun,


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