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Reversing / Knowledge Base?


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Hi there!

Once more i use this oportunity to congratulate to SND members to their

fifth birthday and new members :clap2: . Keep cracking :thumbsup: !!

I got this little idea this morning, would it not be nice if someone

creates a single help file from complete Reversing / Knowledge Base sub forum

from lets say all 5 years in one file?

I will be going off line for some time e.g. :fishing1: or :boat: later this year and i will surely

appreciate if i had an archive i could use to search or read-up stuff when no internet

access around to quickly find what i need..

So please forum admins, SND members what do you think of this crazy :banana: idea?

TIA, ChupaChu!

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Teddy Rogers

I think there was/is a plugin for IPB that does what your thinking of, it is similar to what was done at Woodmann with the OllyDbg support archives the other year.

I will have a look in to it this weekend...


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So you like the idea - excelent, it would mean a great deal to me personaly but there are others as well that coud be happy about it ;)

BR, ChupaChu!

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Might be good,

but these things eats very fast disk space on hosting..and often most of ppl going off line likes to be off line, that's healthy :D

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Teddy Rogers
but these things eats very fast disk space on hosting

I wouldn't worry about disk space, we currently have about 612336.50 MB

..and often most of ppl going off line likes to be off line, that's healthy :D

Those types of people don't really start or reply to topics anyway...


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Yeah, that would be cool. But how are the restrictions handled? The database is not included, so the parts not everyone can see (like VIP section) is not included, I think. But what's about the attached files?

Maybe a version with and without attached files would be cool, for people with bad download speed (like me, lol).

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I would imagine it works by allowing you to select the forums to include, so ViP would be left out. Thats just a place for us to talk about you behind your back anyway :P

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No need to include VIP section, just public ones..

whats attachments conserned, it would be great to have..

but i dont thnik this plugin for IPB alows that option.

So maybe as separate archive or something..

BR, ChupaChu!

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