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How To Search & Replace Loader [delphi]


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hi to all

i need a search and replace loader source in delphi

i can write loader (load target and change on hex codes) but can't search .

please help me ;)

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I think you shud read a block of data (e.g. 512 bytes or 2048 etc.. choose whats fastest for your PC)

into an array of lets say type byte then in a simple loop scan byte by byte of that array.. let another

variable store/keep track about current location in file/memory..

e.g. pseudo code:

- check if i can read the chunk from memory/file

- then read it, and take note of how much data has been read

- compare all bytes in a loop to data you need to find

- if you have complicated patterns in mind take good care not to have any memory leaks


i had one sample source around, but it seems it got lost last time i got drive failure, but if i stumble upon it i will post it here..

BR, ChupaChu!

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Well i would do it like this (note its pseudo code, it might have syntax and other errors):

// you have to determine IMAGEBASE using PImageOptionalHeader in windows unit
// so you have to read ad base begin, to base+sizeOfExe which you can get using GetFileSize
// PI: PROCESS_INFORMATION; SI: STARTUPINFO; Context: _CONTEXT; FillChar(PI,SizeOf(TProcessInformation),#0);
CreateProcess('example.exe',nil,nil,nil,False, CREATE_SUSPENDED ,nil,nil,SI,PI);
GetThreadContext(PI.hThread,Context); for i:=1 to sizeOfEXE do
ReadProcessMemory(PI.hProcess,Pointer(Base+i),@buff,2,W); //read two bytes
if (buff[0] = searchpattern[0]) and (buff[1] = searchpattern[1]) then checkoutlogic; //copare with your search pattern

I was not able to find source i mentioned, but i found anorganixex sources for coding a serial sniffer, it can be usefful as well.

You can get it here (chapter 8): h!!p://arteam.accessroot.com/ezine.html?fid=2

Hope it wil help a bit :)

BR, ChupaChu!

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