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Ttcpclient & Ttcpserver [delphi 7+]


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hey guys, Well I have started a nice little project but I have made a mistake some where along the line, As delphi programmers would know, Delphi has added in a new componate to replace the old socket client/server. They now use TTcpClient & TTcpServer from delphi 7, What i want is to get my project working, I did it the way I would write in vb6 or older versions of delphi (below version 7) but I seem to be missing something, all I really want is it to connect to server and send text, the rest ill continue doing later, I did have it conencted at one stage but I forgot what I change to make it connect correctly and did'nt save before closing the project down. This project has been learning the ttcpclient/server componate in delphi and how it works, So if we have a delphi programmer here who know about this subject could they please take a look at what i have so far and maybe point out my mistakes or give suggestions on how to fix the problem im having???



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I think this is exactly what you need.. try this links:


Title: Simple TCP Sockets Chat Example

Description: This code explains the basic us of the TClientSocket and TServerSocket components of Delphi. If you can't find these components you need to add the dclsockets package to the IDE. To do this go to Component | Install Packages | Add (/bin/dclsockets70.bpl). It is a basic Chat application.

This file came from Planet-Source-Code.com...the home millions of lines of source code

You can view comments on this code/and or vote on it at: http://www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/scrip...47&lngWId=7

The author may have retained certain copyrights to this code...please observe their request and the law by reviewing all copyright conditions at the above URL.

BR, ChupaChu!

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Thanks chupachu but thats for the older tcp componates used in delphi 6 and below, the componate in the new delphi is TTctpClient and TTcptServer. Belive it or not they dont seem to work in the same way as you would use the original tcp componates. And really weird thing is that I can'nt seem to find any examples using the newer componates, Everyone seem to use the indy componates and the older TSockClient/TSockServer componates. I have delphi 6 also installed and can make a connection with the older componates that come with it, But that defeats the purpose of learning the new componates.....

//Thanks anyway :)

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If anyone has delphi 2006 could they please do a search in the Bin folder for "dclsockets100.bpl" and send to me or post it here? These are the original Tcpsocks, Im using a lite version of delphi 2006 and it does'nt include these componates.

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