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Teddy Rogers

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You can now use Google Authenticator for 2FA on this board. You can set it up by going to your account security settings. Any problems please let me know... Ted.

Maybe. One day. Probably... Ted.

EDIT 2x: Post removed as pointless. The entire board looks broken beyond belief.   

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Teddy Rogers

Don't be a sad panda. Let me know what problems you are experiencing and I will see if I can fix them...


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To start with basics: "code" formatting is broken in existing posts, "spoiler" tag doesn't exist, there is no possibility to insert special link to topic/post from the editor. No preview for the post either, I must post and hope the forum engine doesn't bork my formatting.

No sidebar on the right side where one could see what topics have been created recently.

At least you got rid of "Questions with no best answer"! :)

My request for more compact skin for both mobile and desktop still stands. Currently lots of posts look like this:


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Hi guys,

so what the heck is this?New forum template?Oh no!First I thought I do use a wrong browser header that the forum today does look so like in a iphone or blog style but it seems to be real now!Oh common Ted are you serious?Sorry to say this but this template is totally trash in my eyes and also a step backward and I am not happy.Did you check the PM box style?Its a disaster.So what can we do now?Is there any way to choose the old template back in any user settings or something or is it not changeable?So you also should check some topics / posts so they are shown very messed up like stuff what was postet in code tags.Just wanna say it again,I don't like this new interface or style and its just a hit right into toilet.Sorry Ted you know how I mean it right its nothing against your person (you know I love you) but in this case I have to say what I feel about this new forum style.I hope we can find any solution to fix this problem.


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Extreme Coders

I don't like the new theme. :( 

It's breaking the formatting of existing posts. There is toooo much empty space. It needs to roll the mouse wheel a lot to browse the entire page. 

Sorry, but it looks like the dreaded metro interface. Fonts are too big and the background is flat. :wacko:

Unimportant information like the number of posts in a sub forum is given emphasis with a large font.

I have made a sample screenshot both taken at same resolution just to highlight the differences. 




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Teddy Rogers

I have run some queries on the database to remove some of the awful legacy line breaks CK Editor introduced in IP.Board 3. There will be some other formatting issues, I'll have to hunt them down and add them to the query list. The formatting from older posts is already looking a little better.

I have readded some of the sidebar menus on the index page.

Regarding there being no preview post button. IP.Board 4.0 brings a true WYSIWYG editor, in theory you shouldn't need to preview anything because how it looks in the editor is how it looks when it is posted... generally.

Kao, can you give me an idea of what kind of compact skin you have in mind?


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Basically, the old forum layout we all loved so much. :D Extreme Coders gave a nice comparison screenshot already - it'd be nice to have at least the same information density as before.

Spoilers are back, yeay! Thanks!


No code tags for mobile layout?
EDIT: tags work. Kinda. I wouldn't call that WYSIWYG, though.


EDIT2: no, I didn't want my first edit in Courier. No way to change that on mobile. WYSIWYG my butt.

Edited by kao (see edit history)
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Teddy Rogers

Just like the move from IP.Board 2.x to 3.x there were some teething issues and complaints. After a while we all love 3.x so much that we don't like 4.x.

If you do know of any nice 4.x skins let me know and I'll have a look at getting it for the board...


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Here is a topic for example of formatting issues:

Lot of extra line breaks and such within each post that contains code or similar. 


And here is an example where the adjustments made broke formatting that was ok before:


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The new editor seems to auto-use double whitespace for line returns (hitting enter).

Kind of ugly to have every sentence feel like a new paragraph. (using shift+enter avoids it but having to do that seems like it should be the opposite.)

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firefox now bugs me with a message to allow notifications and i dont understand the location of the search button subthread!?

and i have to agree on all the useless whitespace

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Some of the design annoyances can be fixed with a little help of Tampermonkey. :) Still not entirely happy, but that's a start.




So, if anyone else doesn't like the current "design" - Tampermonkey and/or Stylish is awesome!


EDIT: Arghhh, you can't just use "spoiler" tags like before, you must use the "Eye" button in the editor.

Edited by kao (see edit history)
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I personally prefer the old look of the forum, the new doesnt fit that well I think.

Also not always the avatars are shown aside the section whena new post/thread has been made..

Edited by yq8 (see edit history)
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everybody liked previous on latest i dont like is that formatting and specially gaps ,many previous posts got messed ups due to gaps thing

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Assuming all this whitespace isn't you making room for advertisements, I like it a lot. Still looks cluttered though.

Like button, user pics, that X user rating, country flags, blogs, all useless, confusing clutter. All I need/want to know is the user name and content of user post - that's it. Helps focus.

I'd like a section for posting code challenges though. Similar to code golf, but for languages that r popular here. We only have 2 sections for coders currently..

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Teddy Rogers

I will not be implementing any ads here, I'd have to be really struggling to resort to this.

Can you expand more on the coding challenges, have you got an example please?

Some of you may want to read a reply I made here...


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U must have a million diff. sections for reverser & only 2 for coders! RE is near dead but coding is more popular everyday. But sites like codegolf, etc are mainly for languages like cjam, brainf$ck, pyth, etc and while competing there in C, C++, asm, C#, etc is possible - it's very difficult and u will almost never win. I have some ideas similar to my GDI thread oriented for more "normal" languages - but nowhere to post them!

Decode proc InBuffer:Dword, OutBuffer:Dword
        Local EndPointer       :Dword
		Local OPointer         :Dword
		Local CPointer         :Dword
		Local IntC             :Dword
		Local ReturnValue      :Dword
		Mov Eax, InBuffer
		Invoke crt_strlen,     Eax
        Add Eax, InBuffer
        Mov EndPointer,        Eax
        Mov Eax,               OutBuffer
        Mov OPointer,          Eax ; ebp -4 is *O
        Mov Eax,               InBuffer
        Cmp Eax,               EndPointer
        Ja Break
		Mov Eax,               InBuffer
		Movsx Eax,             Byte Ptr Ds:[Eax]
		Mov IntC,              Eax 
		Inc InBuffer
		Cmp IntC,              2Bh
		Jnz Plus
		Mov IntC,              20h
		Jmp OutBufferCheck
		Cmp IntC,              25h
		Jnz OutBufferCheck
		Mov Eax,               InBuffer
		Inc InBuffer
		Movsx Eax,             Byte Ptr Ds:[Eax]
		Invoke IsHex,          Eax
		Test Eax,              Eax                           
		Je ReturnNeg              
		Mov Eax,               InBuffer
		Inc InBuffer
		Movsx Eax,             Byte Ptr Ds: [Eax]
		Invoke IsHex,          Eax
		Test Eax,              Eax                           
		Je ReturnNeg
		Lea Eax,               IntC           
		Mov Ecx,               InBuffer          
		Sub Ecx,               2                              
		invoke crt_sscanf,     Ecx, offset HexFormat, Eax
		.If ( Eax  != 0)
		    Jmp	OutBufferCheck
		Mov ReturnValue,       -1
		Jmp Return
		Cmp OutBuffer,         0
		Je LoopAgain
		Mov Edx,               OPointer
		Mov Eax,               IntC
		Mov Byte Ptr Ds:[Edx], Al
		Lea Eax,               OPointer
		Inc Dword Ptr Ds:[Eax]
		Jmp BeginLoop
		Mov Eax,               OutBuffer
		Mov Edx, 	       OPointer
		Sub Edx,               Eax
		Mov Eax,               Edx
		Mov ReturnValue,       Eax
		Mov Eax,               ReturnValue
Decode endp 


1. In the code edit window where I copy/paste code after pressing <> button, all lines of that code are perfectly spaced. When it gets to the reply window, there are 8 lines missing a tab, and changes in code edit window do not appear. No syntax highlighting option is chosen.

2. On the outside of the code (top & bottom) there are manually typed (not from pressing the spoiler button) spoiler tags "


". They are invisible in the post, nothing happens. No spoiler button appears, no code tag text appears.

3. When I try to type a reply in a thread, many times I only get a box that says "Drag files here to attach". There is nowhere to type text, like it stops in the middle of loading. Meaning I cannot type replies to threads. This is a major, annoying bug.

I like the layout but it doesnt work. I think u need to make some threads specifically for testing features of this forum as many features here aren't working properly.




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4. When I tried to edit my last post, it froze. I couldn't type anything, and had to close the firefox window and open a new one.

5. As u can see in last post, whatever parser this site uses for code tags is broken. I'm going to manually type "[sp0iler] text [/sp0iler]", spelled properly, and it will disappear.


this works probably

but this does not


If this text shows properly in code tags, then manually typing code tags works. If not then manually tags tags in general probably doesn't work.

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So manually typing code tags in general, be it [sp0iler], [c0de], etc does not work on this board. Whoever wrote this board did not test it first...

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(On the 2nd reload I was given the option to type reply to text...)


6. I choose to login as "anonymous", and my name is being displayed in the "Who's Online" box.

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@simple: as for your #1 - you have mixed up tabs and spaces in your code. Apparently your text editor uses 4 spaces/tab but board - 8 spaces/tab. That's not a bug with forum engine but with your code.
#2, #5 - confirmed, [sp0iler] doesn't work, you need to press that "eye" button. I was complaining about it in another thread too.
#3, #4 - no freezes on Chrome. :)
#6 - haven't tried.


Edited by kao
no, I really can't find bbcode for spoiler. :( (see edit history)
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