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Arteam: Cracking & Unpacking Ecompxl Packer V1 For Symbian Part1


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Hi all,

this is a very excellent release I am happy to announce.

Cracking & Unpacking eCompXL packer V1 for Symbian Part1 from argv

this is Part 1 of a more longer tutorial cracking and unpacking (at runtime) the well known eCompXL packer, the modified version use by the LooneyCatGames programs. argv accepted also to release the full sources of the loader that can be used to patch these programs.

The archive includes also dump of ProfiMail version 2.85; you can study it at your wish.

This tutorial will come in 2 or 3 parts. Part 2 will explain all the missing things, soon.. ;-)

This another great release from ARTeam as usual from our site


Have phun,


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Not something I've tried either, but I'm still looking forward to having a read.

Thanks argv and our friendly neighbourhood Shubby :P

Welcome back guys :)

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never really tried anything to do with symbian but im sure it's great.. :)

always willing to learn new things.. unfortunately i dont have the cash for the equipment..

im soooooo poor ... lol

anywayz keep on truckin.. ;)

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