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[keygenme] Keygenme.v.6.0


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well its come quite some way forward since i posted v3.2. which was pretty simple..


now for v6.0.

Chupachu has already solved this one :rolleyes:

Please rate this out of 10..


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I can recommend it as a good learning example for Base64Encode, Md5 and Sha1.

If you want some more try his v.7.0 - I'm sure it will keep you busy for some time ;)

BR, ChupaChu!

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@dustyh1981: nice work. offtopic, but you might want to checkout ufmod instead of mfmplayer.

Its lib is smaller and no need for initializing code..

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^_^ good work dusty1981. ye i understand what you mean when you say about intimidating especially when its junky code like delphi lol. but good work there bro :) Thank you VERY much for the asm sources. its gonna be very very useful to me :) . just a note : i did originally want to use base64 in the keygenme but my lame coding got in the way and i forgot to implement it properly lol, oh well whats done is done. Thanks and keep the good work up bro :) .
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Thanks, guys...


Yeah debugging delphi wears me out, kinda makes my eyes go :crazy: ...CALL,CALL,CALL,CALL..... It makes it kinda hard to follow, but not impossible..


I will definatly give that a look.


Sorry about your coffee cup :rip:

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lol me too BlackKaT.. thats what delphi does to you i suppose lol... well i can try to code with API in future i suppose. :) .

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