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autor states:

Unfortunately madCodeHook has been misused by malware in the past. Because of that there is no non-commercial edition of madCodeHook available, anymore. Furthermore I will now only sell madCodeHook licenses to companies and programmers, if (after some background check) I'm convinced that they are "good" and don't write malware.

read all about it here: h!!p://www.madshi.net/madCodeHookDescription.htm

So if anyone has last free package, please share.



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I don't have it so apologies for a bit o/t. If you use it in any of your tools/crackme's will you please mention it so I can avoid them. Last time I had a app that that used that **** it was more of a nuisance to get rid of than a virus with drivers removed but registry entries left behind etc.

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No i need it to be able to hooh stuff the easy way, its supposed to be quite simple using madCodeHooks.

And dont wory if i use other people stuff in my challanges it will be noted.

Now back to the topic, anyone has these sources?

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you want just the madhook or the whole collection?? I have the whole collention if needed but i never have used it so far...


I uploaded it to my server you can download the whole collection and choose which ones you want to install

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Thank you, the date is from year 2005, so this coud be just what i'm looking for.

I'm not on my home PC to check it right a way tough..

BR, ChupaChu!

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Here are a few things to check out that you might find useful.

Def check out deroko's work - as usual its absolutely top notch stuff. There is a thread about it over at ARTeam where IIRC there were a few examples posted.

EDIT: just incase this is an old version of deroko's work, check out his site here: http://deroko.phearless.org/





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