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Tuts 4 You

Whats The Name Of The Game :?)


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I just played a simpatic game, when trying to access the forum :)

Whats it called?

Is it normal site design, or was tuts4you hacked, by some strange games loving hackers :?)

i woud have post a screenshot but attachemt system seems to be offline :(

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Yes, it is a game and it is called Puzzle Bobble. I put it there so when there is a site error instead of everyone hitting refresh and getting frustrated they (including me) can take a few minutes out with the game. It is actually quite addictive when you get in to it... :)


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i would like to know how its implemented.. i mean how "it" knows when some error or unaccessibility accours?


just give us direct link to the game, so we can play it when hawin nothing more usefull to do, i find it quite adictive in deed ;)

- is there a "hi-socre" board?

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It is pretty simple, you can specify what error you want to redirect using ErrorDocument in .htaccess. It is probably the easiest way but you have to be a little careful how you apply it so that you don't block Spiders such as Google from accessing your site. For example:

It is possible to do it that way but I found Spiders seem not to like it so I prefer to use something like:

ErrorDocument 404 /500.shtml

Then I can specify what I want to do in each error page.

There is an updated version to the one found on this site with feature for a highscore table but I found it had some issues. The direct link to the game is:




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