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Here is a little project I did because there really is'nt that many delphi keygen templates on this forum (not that I have found anyway).

The nice thing about this template is its small output, I called the dialog from resource file, thus no need for the delphi componates that you normally would have(making the size bigger).

Also included sound using Magic_h2001's V2m Player, you can read about it Here

How to use:

If you want to keep the same logo that comes with the template then all you need to do is modify the Project1.dpr file with your info, and then just modify the generate procedure, at the momment it just get the text from username and spits it back to serial box, with a small code to check at least 1 charactor has been typed.

But if you want to change the logo as I suspect you would want to, Then open up a resource editor, something like resource hacker, and replace the bitmap image with your own, you could also change the gui around of you want but I suggest you leave it as is.

Hope you like it and your free to comment on my logo aswell if you want :D This keygen is NOT a full blowen keygen you might see around, its small and just generates a serial for a username, I could add other stuff but this is only meant for an example and a template for delphi keygenners to use quickly without to much coding.

P.s Im not keygen coder so please dont ask me about the keygen side of things :rolleyes:


I forgot to include an API for a nice effect when the form open's and closes

Add "AnimateWindow(hWnd, 250, AW_SLIDE or AW_VER_NEGATIVE);" in the WM_INITDIALOG: part of the code, this will give a nice slide in effect when the dialog is created

and add "AnimateWindow(hWnd, 250, AW_BLEND or AW_HIDE);" in the WM_CLOSE: part of the code, this will give a nice fade out effect.

Simple but very effective.



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Appreciate the source though I must admit I have never understood why anyone would use this method with delphi where basically everything must be done via api, makes me wonder why not just do it in assem or c in the first place.

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Good point but what about people who want to write there generate routine in delphi?

I have only started with masm and this is where i got the idea from to see if that can be done in delphi, I guess for people like me that can'nt program much in asm let alone a routine to create a keygen, This will be good and easy way, Hence the simplicity of the template, the user of this only needs to really code a delphi generate key procedure, And he/she could even reduce the size of the output exe if no image or music was used, you would proberly get it down to 15kb exe file or maybe less if you really wanted to.

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what about people who want to write there generate routine in delphi?

In the case of your example generate and GetCurrentUserName procedures it wouldn't be any more complicated in assem and though I'm not much into keygenning (usually only keygenme's), off hand I can't think of any I have done that would have been simplified using delphi. Delphi I think is better suited to bigger more complicated apps. Anyway, to each his own I guess and as I said I do appreciate you sharing the "how to".

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Always glad to have your sources even though I dont personally use Delphi.

Just to add to the 'things easier in Delphi' debate, the main one that comes to mind is RSA kegens for keygenmes/apps using the FGInt lib (and specifically 'ConvertBase256to64'). Ziggy wrote some code to do it in MASM but the FGInt coder does a few different things in there which is far easier to keygen with Delphi.

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