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Delphi Vs. Vb.net


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Hi, i would like some help and view's on what you people think about delphi and vb.net. I would like to learn 1 of them has a proper language but i don't know which 1 to go nar do i have any idea's which 1 will help me the best with the support :unsure: . I'll be mainly making any kind of apps.

P.S. If you know of any websites which will help me within that language please let me know, Also let me know which version of what language to use is the best B)

Many thanks cegy

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Are you familiar with any other language? If you are familiar with c/c++/java, then C# should be very easy for you. I think VB.net is not a "perfect" OOP language, but easier to learn as the syntax is like ur describing in statements. I have never seen a Delphi code before.. :P hence someone else can guide you about it.


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to be honest, imho best thing in your position is get your self a C++ book and studdy it.

forget about all other languages, C++ is most common language out there.

Finding samples on the net is much easier than e.g. delphi (i code in delphi and find my

self often in position to studdy c++ sources - this tells you all i guess)..

Also next to asm c++ is imho most powerfull language one can learn.

I intend to learn it in upcoming years, for now i stay on delphi.

If you are to choose delphi or .net -> delphi is standalone, .net must come with alot of

files to work, also its very high language what makes it much more open to cracking

code stealing etc.. as i said imho choose delphi or c++ if you can.

BR, ChupaChu!

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I agree. Between the two I'd say go with delphi. vb has quite a few limitations and other drawbacks. VB has its place, dont get me wrong, but when you deal with the type of things we deal with, vb just wont cut the mustard. Of course, every rose has its thorn and the lower level languages are less forgiving and take up more time.

As ChupaChu said though, dont limit your choices. C++ is still an option. But if you are really raw and new to programming, Delphi & C++ can be a bit much. Personally I started with VB for that reason.

The best thing I can tell you is to look into the languages a bit on the web. You asked for websites, and C++ and VB are supported on MSDN which is quite a useful resource. There are thousands of programming forums out there, usually dedicated to on language.

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Maybe a bit of a late reply but..

imo it depends what your doing, you have to bare in mind the "safety" restriction set in place by using a .net programming langauge.

Delphi is a verya easy to understand langage and compiles to extremely fast code, in most cases in programs I have written the delphi equivelent to one in c++ is just as fast, but alot neat to read and quicker to write.

The bds and .net studio are both fantastic platforms, however bds wins hands down on large projects because it can be setup to autmatically make code changes where needed.

Ease of programming.. well i think this should be c#.net vs delphi.

Delphi can be compiled for .net or native machine code, c# can be converted to machine code.. which isnt that great a option so security of code

delphi 7/10

.net 2/10

For ease of learning..

http://www.delphibasics.co.uk/ to learn the basics for delphi


http://www.msdn.com for .net for a complete reference

As for other languages maybe a new one.. but i would not recomend c++ it is a big no no, it is widely used but it takes a long time to pick up, is a hard thing to debug and can easily become unstable.

HOWEVER.. there are plenty of new "basic" languages and dont forget D as well to pick from.. infact some of the newer basic languages are far better for memory manipulation and creating things like dlls.

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I agree with silconeshadow, I only started writting in delphi and I can'nt belive I stuck with vb for so long, Delphi is just as easy and if not easyer than vb, plus you also have the .net structor if needed with delphi, But at the end of the day you can pretty much do anything you want with what ever language you choose, Its just a matter of one language might take more research and code to do the same thing in another language.

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If you want to professionally work in the computer industry, Java and C++ are a must.

End of story.

Yes and no about java and c++ in industry with all the propietry languages out there getting a specialist language is where the real money is c++ and java is monkies work and I have done my fair share of it...

If you want a industry job then learn a language how to program no matter what language it is, then learn another then another eventually you will be able to learn a programming language from a syntax reference card:



Being a programmer isn't about the language its about your use of algorithms, logic and structure.

Name a language I have probally had a job in it.. thats how you should be, everythign from assm to xna ive used and its not because I learn each individual language its because the first thing I learnt where Algorthims and Problem Solving using Pseudo.

I had already soem knowledge of bbs basic and programming structure I then went on and learnt c, c++, vb, mfc, delphi, assm x86 risc motorolla and since then almost every programming language I can think of has had a project I had had to work in.

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I always use the most up to date delphi in most cases, now and again i go back to 6 for certain backwards compatability.

However the latest bds enterprise +

Jedi Code Library



RemObjects SDK


Is a really nice set of components that I can build almost anything with i need quickly

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I code in Delphi (and other languages too) and have never had a speed issue, it is as fast and powerful as C++ and as someone commented above it is far easier to read.

To be honest it really doesn't matter what language you learn, programming on Windows is pretty much the same whatever language you are using, it is only the syntax that changes.

Pascal is a teaching language and is designed to be easy to use and get into, it teaches you structure and many other important elements of programming, so whatever language you end up using, Delphi will probably be the easiest to get into.

so which version of delphi is best to use then and y did u pick that version?

I use Delphi 7 for preference, because it produces much smaller exes than later versions of Delphi and has by far the best Delphi help files of any later version. Delphi 2007 for example produces a 60k bigger file than the exact same program compiled in Delphi 7 .. :)

Only thing is that you will need to get a few Project Jedi units for using the more recent Apis introduced in Windows 2003 etc. as the included windows.pas is out of date now.

Have fun!

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