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Hi everybody. I have some problem with unpack this file... Please help me

I find Oep: 1FC7D And Iat:

00443FFC 00000000 <<=START IAT

00444000 77DDD8E2 ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueW

00444004 77DD6A78 ADVAPI32.RegOpenKeyExW

00444008 77DD6FC8 ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExW

0044400C 77DD770F ADVAPI32.RegOpenKeyW

00444010 77DF9884 ADVAPI32.RegDeleteKeyW

00444014 77DDD649 ADVAPI32.RegEnumKeyW

00444018 77DD7535 ADVAPI32.RegCreateKeyExW

0044401C 77DDD7CC ADVAPI32.RegSetValueExW

00444020 77DD6BF0 ADVAPI32.RegCloseKey


004446B8 7757A379 ole32.OleIsCurrentClipboard

004446BC 7752431A ole32.CoRevokeClassObject

004446C0 7752949B ole32.OleInitialize

004446C4 7752D1E0 ole32.CoFreeUnusedLibraries

004446C8 77529539 ole32.OleUninitialize

004446CC 774F2068 ole32.CoTaskMemAlloc

004446D0 775429DD ole32.CLSIDFromProgID

004446D4 77552DA0 ole32.CoRegisterMessageFilter

004446D8 774F204C ole32.CoTaskMemFree

004446DC 7757A529 ole32.OleFlushClipboard

004446E0 7751EA61 ole32.CreateILockBytesOnHGlobal

004446E4 7751EB91 ole32.StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes

004446E8 775DB375 ole32.StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes

004446EC 7753F356 ole32.CoGetClassObject

004446F0 775548A4 ole32.CLSIDFromString

004446F4 00000000

004446F8 74D34BAF oledlg.OleUIBusyW

004446FC 00000000 <<== END IAT

but i file not work. I appriciate for your help!







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