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[keygenme] Asmkeyme #1


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This is a pretty easy KeyMe. Beginner-Intermediate range. The algo isnt very big at all but there are a few tricks.

The goal of this KeyMe is for those who are pretty new to RE. It gives you a few curve balls that make it tougher. Don't worry though, the code is in assembly and is quite easy to read. Pay attention to the API's that are called. As well as the strings available to you.

There is no encryption, packer, or protectors used. It's a whole 4kb so you dont have much to sort through.

I hope you enjoy the keyme. :)

Download: (UPDATED)


Patching isnt allowed. Once you complete it, leave the details for others explaining the tricks and how to avoid them.

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I was a little confused by your final compare, you want the string to be larger? Its says cmp eax, 1 shouldnt it be 0? And cmp is backwards, entering nothing is larger? Anyway I treated it to be 0 ( if you ment for it to be 1 Ill go back and add a 1 to my keygen :D ). Here is my little keygen. Has IsDebuggerPresent Call, and 2 find windows, ollydbg and shadow. B) Nice little setup, keep them coming.

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Ouch, good point. I made that change for testing and didnt change it back. Will reupload. Thanks for catching that.

Well done on solution and trap detection. :) Good work.

UPDATE: The link above is correct now. Program has been fixed.

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Pimp.exe - for smaller files such as this you can just attach them to the forum as some people (myself included) may not have access to rapidshare.


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