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[delphi] Get Upload/download Speed


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i would like to know, how i can get actual upload/download speed, like DU Meter.

I searched in MSDN, but i didn't found anything, usefull. Can you provide some info, or atleast function names. The best variant would be with small example.


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Try googling for socket commands.. socket.SendBuf, socket.SendLength, socket.ReceiveLength etc..

use timer to query these properties and you got what you need.. i hope.. in fact i have never tried

to code anything alike, so i might be wrong on this one.. hope it helps!

edit: i found two usefull units on my drive, they are attached (i dont know if its awaiable by default).

Look at function names and properties in ScktComp file, im sure you will figure it out quickly.

BR, ChupaChu!


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i have one variant, where i should use global-hook for some functions, but i want to avoid that.

And i have seen this done(vithout hooking), in pure basic. I think that pure basic was used with auto it or something like that.

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well somehow it must be aviable from performance counters. due you can see network device usage in process manager.

but even today dumeter uses ring0 drivers.

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Thanx Ufo-Pu55y. GetIfTable thats what i needed.

Now onlt i need to make it running :)

This is the sample source in Delphi 6.0 that i used for a app i made for myself.

I hope this will help you.

If still needed.


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