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[unpackme] Pc Guard .net 5.02


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Actually it's no serious .net protector at all. But as I had a look,

why not posting it. You can take it as an easy Fix-Teh-Dump-Cookie.

There was no open download link for the .net version of PC Guard.

And now I know why.. some mins ago even my grandma successfully

unpacked it. There's indeed lots of encryption, antis, checks -

nevertheless all in vain for .NET... they take money for nothing.. :/

The app can be run for 20 times only.. with random demo messages.

Hint: 8 values have to be fixed in the dump (after some cutting).


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Which tool did you use to dump file?
.NET Generic Unpacker.. lol
Still 3 values to be fixed and it runs:

Relocation Directory RVA (it doesn't point to the one declared in the section header)

.reloc section header (Virtual Size and Raw Size are much too huge)

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Teddy Rogers

could you please upload your tools on some other free host? megaupload sux!!

thx :)

Or he could start a new topic in Tools of the Trade and attach them directly to the post...


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