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Guest bGraHam-AhK

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Guest bGraHam-AhK

Last Tutorial i showed one of the most basic AhK scripts i could think of.

So this time im showing an expanded version of that, variables.

We will learn 2 things:

:adding two individal strings

:adding two individual numbers together


Adding Two Seperate Strings:


Open a new txt document and type in the following code:

firststring := "Hello"
secondstring := "World"
afteradding = %firststring% %secondstring%MsgBox, %firststring%+%secondstring% = %afteradding%!

The Breakdown:

"firststring" if you were to write this out alone, you would get an error

but when you use a "=" or ":=" it will become a variable.

"=/:=" these two do different things

= can hold anything, as can := but the difference is, "=" cant do mathematic equations

and ":=" cant put two variables cleanly (see *1) together!

*1. e.g: := %variable1% %variable2% will show exactly that, not the variables themselves.

%any variable or built in location ids%: anything between %% will point towards something else

e.g. %A_WorkingDir% should set whatever you use %A_WorkingDir% in to your current scripts location.

luckily the makers of AutoHotKey weere nice enough to make message boxes show variables cleanly.

Well that should be enough for tonight.

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