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[unpackme] Dnguard Hvm V2.6.2.0


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-Source code

-.ctor Methods

-Blop Heaps

-Managed Resources


[using high performance encryption method]


-Destroyed name heaps of metadata

-Obfuscated Metadata

-Automatic renaming

Anti decompiler tricks


Good luck... ;T

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This is more than a twin of Maxtocode .net protector.

Also a guarding DLL, which is also protected with Themida.

Hm... chinese fashion ?

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Here is the unpacked file in 1.Version.

- We can view source with Reflector, but I would like to use Dis#. Because I can NOT decrypt the string to readable form. Therefore if there is any strings in function, Reflector can NOT decompile.

- File can NOT run. :D .




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File can NOT run.
It think it can't run, coz it's still far from being like it should be :dunno:

But here's the file before packing, then you can see for yourself:

UnpackMe.rarThe few more stuff given by Dis# (than by Reflector) isn't really 'it'.

Anyway good job so far !


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Reinstalled windows, so I can check this out now :) I coded something like it for a friend a year ago. Yaknow, JIT hooks and the like, except I didn't use Themida VM to hide my code...

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