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[crackme] Xyl Crackme 1


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I posted my crackme here because the code of crackme and really bizarre

it is not the same thing as of C or of Delphi

it is just an inputbox but the compilation made the complex code

I even I do not have to find the means of it cracker!

Your reaction on AutoIt and also welcome



You has cracked the program

write small a tutoriel for shown with the other how you Ti made to have the serial

the patching is authorized

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Please use correct topic title format and please always attach your crackme's to your topic - as per this forums rules...
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wsock32.dll, AutoIt has to check something on their site a stake has in the daytime or I dont know

AutoIt read your registry ????? hum How's that :/

How made you to find the serial can you explain to me ?

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