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Corrupt File

Guest bebop

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Since Teddy has a real license for winrar, his rar's are authenticated. Bad cracks of winrar will always give this error when trying to un-archive these files. So I am thinking this is the case. ;)

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Yah I am using a cracked WinRAR, though this is the only file I've come across on tuts4you that gives me an error. :wacko:

Anyway I will try a new version and get back to you, thanks.

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Downloaded and installed the latest WinRAR from rarlabs, just running the eval version for now. The archive is still corrupt and I can only see UnpackMe versions A and B, A I can extract but B is incomplete.

Seems like a download error but as far as I can tell my download completed ok. I will try downloading again a few more times and hope for the best. :/

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That's interesting bebop because I downloaded the latest version of WinRAR in fact the same version as yourself and decided to download the archive and test it (just for you ;) ), sorry to say but I had no problems either :( .

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I gave that a try too but ended up with the same result. The archive is definately corrupt on my end, I'll try redownloading tomorrow and let you know the results. Thanks.

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