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[keygenme] Little_brother's Keygenme #1 & #2


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hi pimp.exe

for ittle_brother's Keygenme #1



00402F74 call ds:__vbaStrCmp

00402F7A mov edi, eax << set the breakpoint

read the serial at offset 00150C94

tools ida and winhex



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Here is the keygen :)

It's very simple, the username just gets hussled around a bit depending on it's length.

the total length of the username is multiplied by itself and xored by 420, standard strings are attached to the beginning and end of the actual "key"

Key-gen is attached


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Delphi src [Keygen me 1]function IMPosTOR_keygen(User_Name: string): string;
var i1, i2, i3, i4: integer;
s1, s2 ,st: string;
result := '';
i1 := length(User_Name); i2 := i1 - 3; for i1 := i1 downto i2 do begin
s1 := inttostr(ord(User_Name[i1]));
for i3 := length(s1) downto 1 do result := result + s1[i3];
s2 := StringtoHex(User_Name[1]);
for i4 := length(s2) downto 1 do St := St + (s2[i4]);
result := 'little_'+result + '-' + St +'_brother';
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Name: aztecx

Serial: little_02199101611-16_brother

Not sure how to make a keygen though cus i'm not sure how the serial actually gets made.

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