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Hey all,

I am searching for an unpacker source code coded in assembly :D , the reason for this is I want to start coding unpackers ;) you know teach myself. I havn't found any tutorials on coding unpacker's :unsure: if you happen to come across any let me know :D , anyways... your help is appreciated!


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There was source code shipped with human's Safecast unpacker, if I remember correctly. Just search the forums :)

There are other (mostly MASM) sources, e.g. for yoda's protector, pec2 (also one by human I think), mew, ...

Couldnt find them that quickly, but I'll look for it if you cant find it yourself via google etc.

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Here's the source for pecompact unpacker. nice one to start.

Also attached the binary code.

;prosty unpacker dla pecompact napisany przez mirz

;wszystkie uwagi, bledy itp. wysylaj na e-mail:



.model flat,stdcall



include windows.inc

include user32.inc

includelib user32.lib

include kernel32.inc

includelib kernel32.lib

include comdlg32.inc

includelib comdlg32.lib

SetBreakpoint PROTO :DWORD ;procedura do stawiania breakpoint

SprawdzPE PROTO ;procedura do sprawdzania PE

SyganturaPeCompact PROTO ;procedura do sprawdzania czy jest PeCompact2.X


UsunBreakpoint PROTO :DWORD,:BYTE ;procedura sluzacza do usuwania breakpointa



Zapisz PROTO




FilterString db "Pliki (*.exe)",0,"*.exe",0,0

szTitle db "[Un-PeCompact 0.1b] by mirz - Wybierz cel...",0

blad db "B│╣d",0

bladPlik db "Niemogŕ uzyska


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ragdog my man, this is exactly what I'm after. A straight forward, easy to follow unpacker :D . Thanks a million, now I can study and code ;) !

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ragdog my man, this is exactly what I'm after. A straight forward, easy to follow unpacker :D . Thanks a million, now I can study and code ;) !

And if you look for "about" in Un2Pec, you will see all the sources you need:




Especially thanks to:

Iczelion and his PE-Tutorials (http://win32assembly.online.fr/)

dzzie's 'Unterstanding IAT' (http://sandsprite.com/papers.html)

and Shub Nigurrath for some hints how to use ThreadContext in the right way :)


and y0da (http://y0da.cjb.net/) - for the Lord PE

I don't think you can learn a lot from the horrible un2pec source ;) .

Of course you see how to make BPs, restore IAT or dump,

but if you aren't very familiar with PE and IAT formats you would not understood, _why_ it works.

I think, the main (and hardest) point of "coding an unpacker" is to find out the "generic" way

of unpacking the protection.

btw. unpackers for


Yoda's Protector 1.03,







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Was searching the net for a PECompact Unpacker. Found a few sites, but wouldn't let me register.. until i found Tuts 4 You :wub:

Thanks a lot for the amazing tools. They helped me unpack an important file :thumbsup:

Great site BTW :worthy:

'till later,

B2D ;) // from The Netherlands

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